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The BASL provides adult men with the opportunity to play indoor and outdoor soccer in a safe, pleasant and respectful environment, on quality pitches and under stable, transparent, consultative management.

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BA Update: Summer 2024

Dear friends, Look around your neighbourhood, what do you see? Everything is turning green, including the white soles of your fresh new sneakers. The air is full of birdsong... and tree pollen. If you listen really closely, someone off in the distance is cursing their lawnmower that won't start. Spring has arrived, and summer is around the corner! A fair warning, this email is long. Longer than the piece of paper Colin Raines keeps in his glove box listing all the players he has nutmegged over the years. Unlike that, this is (mostly) important information you (mostly) need to know. Welcome!...

BA Update: Winter Playoffs, Summer Registration

Good folks of the BA, No one could blame you for losing track of what time of year we're currently experiencing. Snowfall feels like something that used to happen in a past life. Grass and trees don't know if they are supposed to get on with the growing. Children come home from school in T-shirts, backpacks exploding with all the winter gear they needed that very morning. Believe it or not, it is April, and we are approaching a very exciting time in the BA calendar, as winter season enters the playoffs, and we look forward to the kickoff of our two summer leagues. Please give us a few...

Winter 2024 – Registration

The winter 2024 season is just around the corner, and we are thrilled to announce that registration is now officially open! Secure your spot by following this link:   UPDATE Registration filled up extremely fast this year, 25 minutes from open for 80 outfield players and 8 keepers.  At this time we have spare positions available which also serves as waitlist.  Sorry to all those that missed out.

Winter 2024 Registration

Dear BA Friends, Mark your calendars! Registration for winter 2024 will officially be available from the website on Monday (this Monday) September 11th at 8:30pm sharp. Costs have remained the same as last year: $360 outfield player, $180 keeper, $25 spare + $15 per game. There are limited spots, and it will be on a first come first serve basis for all returning players (winter 2023/summer 2023) who are now receiving this heads up. If you have any questions direct them to May your gamedays be warm and your drinks cold! Your BA Executive Team

BA Update: Summer of Soccer, Golf, and Soccer!

Dear BA Friends, What an unbelievable summer so far! If anyone had "wildfire smoke cancellations", "tornados", and "air-quality index" on their Bingo cards, congratulations! This is 2023, when people still carry their N95 masks, but put them on when they get outside, and remove them upon walking into a public place! A side note, for those of you still playing along at home, "LRT shutdown" is the free square on the Bingo card. It's been a couple of months since our last Update, so as you can imagine there's a bunch of important stuff we'd like you know. Please have a read; it will still take...

Congratulations to Bloody HammeRED

Like some of our favourite pairs of sunglasses in various lakes across the country, this has somehow, but not purposely, slipped all the way to the bottom of a lengthy email. Congratulations to Bloody HammeRED for achieving the rare indoor season double, winning a tight match against a resolute Suns of Pitches team, despite keeper Bodo's incredible heroics. It was a thoroughly entertaining match to watch, certainly worthy of a final. In other indoor wrap-up news, the Team Spirit of the League was co-awarded to Suns of Pitches and Man Shitty for picking up ZERO cards over the whole season and...

Bloody HammerRED take regular-season title in photo-finish final night

The ladies men in red captured top honours on the final night of the indoor regular season with a 4-1 gallop over TeamSnap(ed), and after Suns of Pitches lost their 8 p.m. must-win fixture 5-2 to spoilers par excellence Our Preferred Pronoun Is Green (they wear dark blue jerseys... go figure). A hearty BA “Well done!” to Yanic Giroux and his crimson comrades, and a special “Are you human?” salute to Yan himself, who scored all four goals in the title triumph.  Of note: At one point this indoor season (not that far back, in fact), five or six teams were within four points and a half-pint of...

Summer registration is now open!

Wednesdays Wednesday night season runs May 10th to Oct 25th; you get twenty-five 60-minute games at 8:30 and 9:30 p.m, at JDG park near the intersection of Anderson and Leitrim Rds. Wednesday night format is 9v9, and the on-site pub will be open for us after the games $250 outfielders, $125 keepers, $25 spares Wednesday Registration Saturdays Saturday morning season runs May 20th to Oct 28th; you get eighteen 90-minute games at 10 a.m., at Potvin (Shefford Rd). We are looking into July/August 9 a.m. starts, but that is still TBC. Saturday morning format is 11v11, and the pub of choice is the...

SAGM Notes & Summer Registration Announcement

Hi again, BA friends! Here we are, already knee deep into March, mere days away from setting our clocks an hour ahead, the annual ritual that buys us a later sunset, all for the low, low cost of having our children wake up at some ungodly hour before sunrise. And so, in an attempt to put another snowy winter in the rearview mirror, let us turn to thoughts of summer soccer! As you probably remember, we are offering two flavours of summer footie this year with the BA: Wednesday nights at JDG Park, and the old faithful Saturday mornings at Potvin. Stop whatever you're doing and... wait, that...

Announcing Wednesday Night Summer Soccer!!

Hello gents of the BA, It's been a little while since our last update, surely an indication that things have been running pretty smoothly this winter season. We promise we do have 1000 words for you in an upcoming missive but need to get a quick message out to confirm and remind -- we are a go for Wednesday-evening soccer at the Julian de Guzman Park / German Club! We have plenty of exciting communications to come, in which we will share more details, but for now, the important items to remember are as follows: Registration opens in mid-March (we don't know how fast it will fill up, but if...

Saturdays: May 18th – Oct 26th

  • Shefford Park (Potvin)
  • 11v11 format
  • 10am Kickoff
  • $230 outfielders, $125 Keepers, $25 spares
  • 6 teams
  • 114 outfielders, 6 keepers

Wednesdays: May 22nd – Oct 30th

  • Julian de Guzman Park
  • 9v9 format
  • 8:30pm and 9:40pm Kickoff
  • $285 outfielders, $150 Keepers, $25 spares
  • 8 teams
  • 112 outfielders, 8 keepers