The BA Soccer League: recreational, non-profit, volunteer-run… and tons of fun

The BASL provides adult men with the opportunity to play indoor and outdoor soccer in a safe, pleasant and respectful environment, on quality pitches and under stable, transparent, consultative management.

Upcoming Games

Welcome to Indoor 2023

By mattdesouza | Oct 27, 2022

Gentlemen of the BA, Can’t blame you for thinking we can play outdoors forever: late October appears to be the new late September! Alas, we all know it will change all too soon – darkness, frosts warnings, the age-old question, “Why do I live in a place where the air hurts my face!?” Well, allow…

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Summer 2022 Recap

By mattdesouza | Oct 17, 2022

What a season we had in 2022! It may seem like a previous lifetime ago for some, starting the season in frigid May conditions with guys sporting tuques, mittens and a questionable selection of their wives’ yoga pants under their shorts. It wasn’t long thereafter that we were taking mid-half water breaks and fighting for…

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League Winners – Summer 2022

By mattdesouza | Sep 27, 2022

A hearty congratulations is owed to Chris Bradley’s “It’s a Boy” (Light Blue) team for taking home the trophy this summer! We brought in a consulting firm to help us improve the prize satisfaction index and the resounding recommendation was to give you guys free beer! So congrats! Light Blue has won a $200 bar…

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Indoor Registration is OPEN

By mattdesouza | Sep 13, 2022

Hello gents, In the classic fable with which you may or may not be familiar, about a hard-working ant getting organized for the approaching winter and some silly singing grasshopper (I think it was a grasshopper, it’s been a while), we at the BA strive to be the ant. That is to say, it’s time…

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Score Update

January 26, 2023
  • White 4 – pink 4
  • Black 4 – Dark Blue 3
  • Yellow 5 – Red 4
  • Orange 7 – Light Blue 1

Winter 2023 Registration Status

Outfield Players: 80/80

Keepers: 8/8

Spares: 25

Waitlist: 15

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