The BA Soccer League: recreational, non-profit, volunteer-run… and tons of fun

The BASL provides adult men with the opportunity to play indoor and outdoor soccer in a safe, pleasant and respectful environment, on quality pitches and under stable, transparent, consultative management.

Summer 2022 Kicks Off this Weekend

By mattdesouza | May 25, 2022

Dear gents of the BA League, Ah, here it is, the first email of the usually warmer and sunnier, sometimes wetter, and always more grass-stainy of the BA seasons – the outdoor one! Plucked straight from the flower bed that is the league and delivered straight to the crystal vase that is your inbox. Warning,…

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Indoor cup winners | end of year recap| SAGM minutes | new executive committee

By briangarson | May 9, 2022

Greetings gents, As most of you are no doubt enjoying the beautiful sunshine that has graced us the last few days, it seems fitting to send out an email to close out a great indoor season; I’m told the temperature in the dome is now approximately equivalent to the surface of Venus. If nothing else,…

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2021-22 regular season champs crowned: Black and Brewed

By raymartel | Apr 29, 2022

BLACK AND BREWED, in the wake of what seems like the most games won by a single goal, took home the regular-season honours over Great Wide Sharks by a… single point. Do you see a pattern here? Anyway, well done, gentlemen. Your “fitting” (well, we hope) rewards await on May 5 after the Investors’ Cup…

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Scores Update

June 25, 2022
  • Yellow 2 – Dark Blue 1
  • Light Blue 3 – Orange 0
  • Pink 3 – Red 3


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