Team Manager Duties – Outdoor

Team manager duties for outdoor


Below is a list of your duties and responsibilities as team managers in the BASL:


  1. Notify your new team of its first game as soon as you receive your roster; please include an invitation to submit a team name that refers to your jersey colour. Please insist that all your players register for TeamSnap and keep their availability updated.


  1. Check responses to the weekly reminder sent through TeamSnap to your squad to note absences and the potential need to contact Dave Willey for spares ( The reminder is especially important when we use alternate venues like Carrière and Barrington during youth tournaments.


  1. Request spares from the spares coordinator when your roster falls below 14 (including your keeper) on a given Saturday, specifying the position needed and the calibre of the player being replaced. Ensure the player has paid the $15 spares fee online. Keep your extra team jerseys on hand every week for your spares.


  1. Print, update (by hand is OK) and sign game sheets, and hand them in to the referee before each game. Be sure to indicate absentees and spares, as well as have the ref explain cautions. Get the game sheet back from the ref after, scan it and send it to Jared Kitcher of the Discipline Committee.


  1. Appoint a substitute manager who can take over when you’re away. And delegate game captaincy when needed; advise the referee accordingly.


  1. Install the corner flags from your team kit every week; and bring the entire team kit (net, pegs, keeper gloves, etc.) when we use alternate fields in case they don’t have nets pre-installed; it’s good to plan for a small step ladder as well.


  1. Bring your team ice packs and first-aid kit to every game, or delegate this to someone on your team. You’ll be getting a cooler and gel packs on opening day if you can’t arrange to pick them up from our designated address beforehand.


  1. Make sure playing time is evenly shared among your team; call players off, if need be.


  1. Reign in and even bench any players who are misbehaving, be it toward the refs, opponents or fellow teammates. Please assert yourself and come speak to us if you need assistance. Do set an example for your entire team when it comes to sportsmanship, cool-headedness and camaraderie.


  1. Attend Management Board meetings called by the Executive during the season, or delegate someone from your team to do so.


  1. Rate your players’ skill level on our website at the end of the season. You’ll be assigned a password by Brian Garson if you don’t already have one.