We are now full for full time players, you can still sign up as a spare and select the spare + waitlist option if you're looking to play full time this winter, in the past we typically have at least 5-6 spots open up in the first few months (or even before) of the season.


New players need a referral! In the BASL, you sign up as an individual player, not as a team—and, most importantly, you need to be recommended by an established player who agrees to “sponsor” you and to vouch for your character over a two-season probation period.

If you don’t have a sponsor, you can sign up for the spares list, and your “fit” with the league is then assessed by each of the team managers during the games you get called to play in.

See the Code of Conduct summary below.


Fees for Indoor 2023

  • $360 – Outfielder  - no more spots available
  • $180 – Keeper - no more spots available
  • $25 – Spare (Ontario Soccer fee) + $15 per game after, except keepers: free

Payment: Interac email transfer to: Please be sure to include your full name in the message.

Note: To confirm your registration, you must both complete the form AND submit your fee.


Winter 2023 Registration Status

Outfield Players: 80/80

Keepers: 8/8

Spares: 25

Waitlist: 15

Registration Page

If you want to play full time but no spots are left, you can choose the Spare ($25) +15 per game (Waitlist) option on the form.

Need to know…

  • When: Thursdays 8pm and 9pm |
  • Start date: November 3rd, 2022
  • Final day: May 4th, 2023

(21 regular-season games + 5 cup games)


Code of conduct summary

To be accepted and to remain in the BA Soccer League, you must always play safely and fairmindedly, respect your teammates, your opponents and your referees, as well as cooperate with your team manager and league leadership. You can be suspended and even ejected from the BA if your attitude or behaviour falls short of the high standards expected.

Questions? Do feel free to email us at