Registration – Summer 2024

New players need a referral! In the BASL, you sign up as an individual player, not as a team-and, most importantly, you need to be recommended by an established player who agrees to “sponsor” you and to vouch for your character over a two-season probation period.

If you don’t have a sponsor, you can sign up for the spares list, and your “fit” with the league is then assessed by each of the team managers during the games you get called to play in.


Code of conduct summary

Questions? Do feel free to email us at

Summer 2024 Registration

Saturdays: May 22nd – Oct 30th

  • Shefford Park (Potvin)
  • 11v11 format
  • 10am Kickoff
  • $230 outfielders, $125 Keepers, $25 spares
  • 6 teams
  • 114 outfielders, 6 keepers
Saturday 2024 Registration

Wednesdays: May 22nd – Oct 30th

  • Julian de Guzman Park
  • 9v9 format
  • 8:30pm and 9:40pm Kickoff
  • $285 outfielders, $150 Keepers, $25 spares
  • 8 teams
  • 112 outfielders, 8 keepers
Wednesday 2024 Registration