About our code of conduct, probation, discipline, etc.

What’s the BASL’s code of conduct?

To remain in the BA Soccer League, you must always play safely and fairmindedly, respect your teammates, your opponents and your referees, as well as cooperate with your team manager and league leadership.

Though the BA tries to educate and
“rehabilitate” as much as possible (no, not by frontal lobotomies), if you cross a line over and over to the detriment of everyone’s else’s pleasure, you face suspension and even ejection from the league.

Is there a probation period for new players?

Yes. Once you join on the invitation of an established player, you’re on “attitude” probation for two seasons. How well your socks or shorts match your team sweater, however, isn’t a factor for retention in the league, but it may draw a few “Are you colour-blind?” snoots from some of our fashionistas.

How does the BA apply disciplinary sanctions overall?

We generally follow Canada Soccer’s Disciplinary Code, though we do reserve the right to impose stricter suspensions or sanctions, as provided by Ontario Soccer. 

About registration options, fees, refunds, what’s included.

How do I register to play in the BASL?

Who can join the BASL?

Generally, men 23 and up who know how to behave in a sweaty crowd and enjoy saluting the results of a fixture and the usual misadventures therein with teammates and opponents alike afterwards (see Where do we socialize after games?).

That said, we do allow  players to have their 18+ year-old sons join them (six in the summer and eight for indoor) if they still speak to each other without yelling. As for keepers, if they’ve had proper advanced training and get the OK from mom and dad, we recruit as of age 16; otherwise, they too must be at least 18.

What are my registration options in the BASL?

How much does it cost to play full time in the BASL?

Please visit the Registration page to see the cost for full time play for this season.

How much does it cost to play as a spare in the BASL?

If you sign up as a spare, you pay a basic $25 Ontario Soccer fee that covers your player insurance and other mysterious administrative costs. Then it’s $15 a game for each game played.

What’s included with my full-time registration fee?

  • A team jersey that you hand back in at season’s end
  • 18 games for outdoor, 26 games for indoor
  • Your Ontario Soccer/EODSA fee and insurance
  • Prizes for regular-season and cup winners
  • Weekly door prizes at our post-game pub sponsor
  • A season-end party with free finger foods
  • Embarrassing questions at the pub, as well as ample teasing from the sidelines if your team plays in the cup final.

About BA teams: number, roster size, initial composition, rebalancing, etc.

How do I register a team with the BASL?

In the BASL, you register not as a team, but as an individual and, if you’re new, you need to be referred by an established player. The league then assigns you to one of the squads it assembles every season. That means most of the guys you play with one season become your opponents the next, and these “buddy” relationships foster respect, safety and camaraderie on the pitch, thus keeping the competition amicable and healthy as possible. 

Can I ask to be on the same team as all or most of my friends?

No. If you’re new to the BASL, you get to play two seasons on the same team as the person who referred you to the league (hopefully, not against his better judgment), and you yourself cannot recruit other players until after your two-season probation period and after you’ve sung O Solo Mio for everyone at the pub.

Once eligible to recruit for the BA, you need to limit yourself to one player per season.

How many teams and players are in the BASL?

In our outdoor season, we have six teams of 18 players, including the keeper (asleep or awake).

For the indoor season, we have eight teams of 11 players, including the keeper. Other than our waistlines, we have no expansion plans right now.

How are teams assembled in the BASL?

Our seven- or eight-member ad hoc Rostering Committee puts the teams together each season. As long-time BA players and experienced footballers who can handle their beer well, they know the caliber of most players, and they also rely on ratings from team managers and, finally, on self-ratings and referrals for new league members.

Why are teams rebalanced?

We want every player to feel his squad has a fair chance to “compete” well every week, win or lose. So, we always review initial rosters after five or so games to make sure no team yawns its way to first place or gets blown out of the water week after week.

How are teams rebalanced?

Rebalancing involves the members of the initial Rostering Committee and some members of the Executive, who consider these key factors to hammer out any switches, which in principle are kept to a minimum:

  • impact players, strong or weaker, who missed the initial games
  • spares assigned to the team in its initial games
  • age and fitness of the team after its initial games
  • actual skill and fitness of new players, often unknown at the outset
  • who’s been reassigned before and should be left in peace this season.

About game days, game times, fields, kickabouts, etc.

On what days does the BASL play?

In the summer, we play on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. despite the moans and groans of players who decide to go out and make fools of themselves late Friday night. This is one of the league’s most endearing features: 20-something year-olds needing to sub off more than a 50-plus old-timer.

In the winter, our games are on Thursday nights: two at 8 p.m. and two at 9 p.m.

Does the league play official games on summer long weekends?

No, but we offer a free informal kickabout on field 6 of Shefford Sports Park if your family or significant other leaves you behind for those holiday Saturdays (Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving). These are sponsored by BA veteran and Executive member Rhys Williams of Capital Property Group.

Does the BASL run an indoor/winter league as well? If so, where and when?

Yes, we do, from early November to late April. We’ve been playing in the Gloucester Superdome (Bearbrook Road in the East-Ottawa suburb of Blackburn Hamlet) for many years now, and we’re proud to say they still like to have us there. Games are Thursday nights at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., with eight 11-player teams competing.

Where does the BASL play?

Mostly at the pub, but our actual outdoor footie takes place at the Shefford-Potvin Sports Park in the Beacon Hill North sector of Ottawa’s east end. We also use Barrington, Carrière and Tauvette parks in Ottawa’s Orléans area on a few Saturdays when youth soccer takes over at Shefford and reminds us of how we used to run.

Our indoor season runs at the Gloucester Superdome (Bearbrook Road in the East-Ottawa suburb of Blackburn Hamlet).