About Us

The BA Soccer League: recreational, non-profit, volunteer-run… and tons of fun


The BASL provides adult men with the opportunity to play indoor and outdoor soccer in a safe, pleasant and respectful environment, on quality pitches and under stable, transparent, consultative management.


The BASL exercises zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, violence and disrespect on the field and in its operations, and requires that its members conduct themselves accordingly.

Because of its strict rules on fun, gentlemanly play and its format, where players register individually and are then assigned to teams assembled by an ad hoc committee of senior members, the BASL generates a special camaraderie among all its players and is known as one of Ottawa’s cleanest, safest and most enjoyable leagues to join.

The BASL does not buy equipment produced with child or forced labour, and it contributes to the local community through occasional fundraisers and donations to youth soccer clubs in Ottawa and abroad. For instance, the BASL is a regular supporter of the Pat Dinardo Benevolence Fund managed by the Gloucester Hornets and of the Gloucester Dragons Financial Assistance Fund.


A few details on our operations

  • Indoor league: We run an eight-team, 7v7 indoor league on Thursday evenings in the Gloucester Superdome  (late October to late April).


  • Outdoor league: We run a six-team, 11v11 league in the summer at the Shefford Sports Park (Potvin Fields), from late May to mid-October. We don’t have games on long weekends, hence the later finish.


  • The BASL is for men 23 and up, but allows up to six or eight players’ sons (one per team) aged 18 and up, and allows keepers 16 and up.


  • Our semi-annual general meetings and elections take place usually in March and September, allowing members of both the outdoor and indoor leagues to have their say in league business.


  • We’re governed internally by a constitution and a series of related by-laws. Externally, the BASL abides by the rules and regulations of both the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA) and Ontario Soccer (OS), and adheres to FIFA’s Laws of the Game, with a few in-house exceptions.


  • In 2016, the BASL became a non-voting affiliate member of the Seniors’ Division of Ottawa-Gloucester Soccer Club, through which it registers its players with the OS/EODSA, as well as books its indoor and outdoor fields.

Executive Board

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Frank Lamontagne


Spring 2022 – Spares 2019-2022

Denis Levesque - Denis_Levesque

Denis Levesque

Vice President

Spring 2022 – 


Matt DeSouza


Spring 2022 –

Brian Garson - brian_garson

Brian Garson

IT & Media

Summer 2022 -Treasurer 2017-2022


Tom Borberly

Awards & Events

Spring 2022 – 

DAVID WILLEY - David_Willey

Dave Willey


Spring 2022 – 

Doug Spencer - Doug_Spencer

Doug Spencer


Spring 2022 – 

Rhys Williams - Rhys_Williams

Rhys Williams

Director of Equipment & Uniforms

Spring 2022 – 

Past Executive Board Members

FIFA course in Mtl-Ray with instructor Alex Vencel-2014-08-17 (2)

Ray Martel


2016 – 2022


Nick Nikolov

Spares Coordinator

2012 – 2018

Howard Weingarden - Howard_Weingarden

Howard Weingarden


2012- 2017

20180118T205954_DSC_8343 (2)

Romeo Pantalone

Vice President

2016 – 2022


Dave Knibbs

Discipline Chair

2012 – 2015