March SAGM coming in… May

As you might recall from our last missive, we decided to postpone our usual March 2022 SAGM to the early spring, in the hope of holding it post-Covid (ok, stupid wish there) and, perhaps, in tandem with a preseason kickabout. Come the week of April 18 and the passing of the Easter Bunny, you can expect an invitation to both the SAGM and a hopefully not-too-painful mini-series of workouts at the new Julian DeGuzman Field; Mondays early evening, as of April 25, appear to be the best slots offered for now—TO BE CONFIRMED, however. Please respond to the invitation promptly if you intend to join us both for the footie and for the fandango at the SAGM after.

News Tidbits

  • Only four spots full-time spots left for Outdoor 2022: All keepers have been recruited (coerced), with one in the body shop for major repairs, however.
  • Our managers for Outdoor 2022: Ryan Zurawell, Mark Meng, Chris Bradley, Tom Borbely, Eben Crofton, Alex Martel. Merci beaucoup, Messieurs. Ass’t managers to be announced after the teams are assembled and police checks are completed.
  • Cards issued to date for the Indoor Season: (two of which are to one player, who’s been forced to attend Question Period in the House of Commons for the next month)
  • Three new Father-Son duos in 2022: Hats off to Chris BradleyTroy Morris and John Wilson, whose sons will be joining them on the pitch for the first time this summer.
  • SAGM documents coming the week of April 18: Agenda, Sept. 2021 minutes, financial statement, positions up for election, by-law amendments, V-P Romeo Pantalone’s summer travel plans, etc. will be delivered with the next BA Update.
  • BA Executive meeting and pyjama party April 13: If you want us to discuss a topic or proposal for you, send an email to

Last regular-season game for Indoor tomorrow

Let’s keep it pleasant, peaceful and odour-free out there, lads, as we say so long to the regular campaign tomorrow and get ready for the Investors Indoor Cup (three-game round robin, plus a final for two lucky contenders) starting April 14 and ending May 5. Remember, to respect your teammates, respect your opponents and respect your officials is to respect yourself.

Here’s to your being able to enjoy your fixtures without having to change any lightbulbs. J