Gents, Messieurs,

This is a combined outdoor-indoor issue of the BA Update, as we have a few final news items to share (see a bit farther down) from our relaunch season this past summer. But first…

Remember to complete your pre-game, pre-arrival COVID health checks on TeamSnap:

With the uptick in cases and hospitalizations the past few weeks, we’re asking everyone to continue the rigorous routine of masking, distancing, washing/disinfecting our hands often AND completing our health checks before coming to the dome. We’ve also asked managers to remind you about it week to week. No one wants a shortened season and a stay-home Christmas and Holiday period again, so let’s keep our focus as we steer through this hopefully final stretch of the pandemic.

TeamSnap delinquents, take note:

 We hate to harp, but if you’re among those players who still neglect or refuse to indicate your availability early and consistently on TeamSnap (game-day notices are for emergencies only), know that you’re derailing the league’s attempts to assign spares quickly and fairly, and you’re causing headaches for your manager and our spares coordinators. So, fair warning: we’re now considering sanctions, like moving people to the spares list in exchange for someone eager to commit and cooperate. Time to snap to it, gentlemen. Enough said.

Team balancing possible after tonight’s fixtures:

With game 5 under our belts after tonight, managers will be briefing the Executive and the ad hoc team-building/balancing committee on the strengths and weaknesses of their squads—so you can expect a bit of roster tinkering over the next week. The league always tries to keep switches to a minimum, especially in indoor given the smaller rosters. That said, please don’t take it personally if you’re reassigned. It’s all done in good faith to give each team a chance to compete well every week

News wrap-up from Outdoor 2021

  1. Best team name goes to… Bayern Eunuch, the rascals in red. This year, we opened the voting to all players, and roughly 60 of 108 replied. Close runners-up were Borussia Doormats and Ze-bros. If you played for Bayern, you have a Tim Horton’s gift card waiting for you with manager Ryan Zurawell, if you haven’t collected it already. Drop him an email!
  1. Cheques for charities: We sent donations by cheque to four charities on behalf of our summer squads instead of buying hoodies for the league and cup champions. Three teams chose the Ottawa Food Bank (Borussia Doormats, Clockwork Orange & Ze-bros); Blackburn City chose The Kidney Foundation; Bayern Eunuch selected Ausome Ottawa (support for children with autism and their families) and Her Majesty’s Royal footballers opted for the Community Addictions Peer Support Association (helps individuals affected by substance use disorder to overcome stigma and discrimination). The league has received wonderful feedback for this initiative. Merci à tous!
  1. Bring back your BA outdoor sweaters on Thursdays: If you still have a reusable, non-toxic BA outdoor jersey from 2021 and are playing indoor, please bring it to Yanic Giroux (Pepto Abysmal-pink) as of next Thursday, November 25 (he’s away this week). Thanks.
Wishing everyone card-free fun again tonight and a pain-free weekend after.

Your BA Exec