Hi again, BA friends!

Here we are, already knee deep into March, mere days away from setting our clocks an hour ahead, the annual ritual that buys us a later sunset, all for the low, low cost of having our children wake up at some ungodly hour before sunrise. And so, in an attempt to put another snowy winter in the rearview mirror, let us turn to thoughts of summer soccer!

As you probably remember, we are offering two flavours of summer footie this year with the BA: Wednesday nights at JDG Park, and the old faithful Saturday mornings at Potvin. Stop whatever you’re doing and… wait, that doesn’t make sense; you’re already reading this communication… please keep going!

Registration opens March 21st – 9 a.m.

If the indoor season was any indication, registration will probably fill up fast. We are opening up both seasons for you to register, and hope many of you will consider signing up for both. A few details to remember:


  • Wednesday night season runs May 10th to Oct 25th; you get twenty-five 60-minute games at 8:30 and 9:30 p.m, at JDG park near the intersection of Anderson and Leitrim Rds.
  • Wednesday night format is 9v9, and the on-site pub will be open for us after the games
  • $250 outfielders, $125 Keepers, $25 spares


  • Saturday morning season runs May 20th to Oct 28th; you get eighteen 90-minute games at 10 a.m., at Potvin (Shefford Rd). We are looking into July/August 9 a.m. starts, but that is still TBC.
  • Saturday morning format is 11v11, and the pub of choice is the Bad Alibi on Youville Dr.
  • $225 outfielders, $115 Keepers, $25 spares

Note For Spares & Payments

  • You will need to pay by credit card.
  • If needed, there is an option to break into instalments.
  • All registered players in Wednesday or Saturday can spare in the other league without paying the $25 spares fee.

A caution about cautions

We don’t want to beat this to death, but at the same time, we seem to have had an increase in yellow cards in recent weeks. We know everybody understands our code of conduct, and to be honest, the play on the field has been nothing short of exemplary. The big caveat, however, is that we are seeing a trend of more yellow cards for dissent, mostly (but not exclusively) directed at referees. We need everybody to control themselves as well as make an effort to cool teammates down. Some calls get missed, some calls don’t make sense, it’s how things go in a pub league. This is your reminder to not take it too seriously, because yelling at leaguemates or officials does not belong in the BA, and we will take action to protect our league values.

AGM Notes

Thank you to all who attended a spirited discussion late into the night, fueled by pizza and wings. Doug Spencer did an amazing job, as usual, taking very detailed notes to capture everything. Reading through them is like being there, all over again (you did fail to record any detailed description of the pizza and wings though, Doug!). If you missed it (or if you want to relive it), we’ve linked the AGM notes here.

Ok, that’s it – thanks again for your time and attention. Let’s finish the Thursday-night season strong, and melt this damned snow already!

Your BA Executive Team