A hearty congratulations is owed to Chris Bradley’s “It’s a Boy” (Light Blue) team for taking home the trophy this summer! We brought in a consulting firm to help us improve the prize satisfaction index and the resounding recommendation was to give you guys free beer! So congrats!

Light Blue has won a $200 bar tab for the team, to be used at The Bad Alibi at the year-end party (Oct 15th). Only time will tell whether Chris is forced to drink all $200 of it himself, or Dave Willey will allow a call-up from the spares list to help out. Ah, but what about the Cup, you say? Well, we plan to deal the same fate to the team that takes home the Cup this year! On a side note, if Light Blue wins the Cup too, we will just reallocate all party funds to renting out a party limo for them, and the rest of us can just stay home and watch that HBO show about the dragons and long-haired blonde people.

We have not yet sent out the polls to determine the Best Team Name and Spirit of the League awards but will do so in short order so we can announce the winners at our End of Year party (Oct 15th, remember?).