Indoor 2021-22 Semi-Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 

Maple Leaf Almrausch Club House, 8:59 p.m.

3928 Farmers Way, Carlsbad Springs (


  1. Adoption of agenda
  • Amendments/Additions: 1) Discussion on adding spares to playoffs (indoor and outdoor)                    2) Discussion on spares to play regardless of numbers   3) Keeper recruitment and retention, and succession
  • Motion to adopt the agenda
    • Motion: James
    • Seconded by Matt
    • Approved
  1. Business arising from the minutes of 2021 September SAGM (see file sent with BA Update)
    • New dome at Garneau in 2022: update
      • Official approval has been received
      • Will begin construction shortly; could possibly be ready by October
      • May need to revisit this discussion throughout the summer as updates become available
      • Current dome is not being maintained properly; very expensive for the quality
      • Unsure if requested hours have been approved at Garneau; private partner is taking care of the management, should know within a month and a half what the bookings will be
      • Frank: when do we signal to Hornets about dome bookings
        • Takes place some time in June, can cancel until a month prior
    • Proposal from JDG Park for 2023 outdoor (see analysis sent with BA Update)
      • The have officially proposed a plan about using the two fields and whether or not we would be interested in switching operations
      • Do not need to apply for Potvin until November
      • JDG Park will likely be busy; may need to commit early to secure our time
      • Fields are lined for 7v7 and 9v9
      • City only needs a month’s notice to cancel Potvin
      • Proposal: guarantee German club would be open after games (10:30am)
        • Natural grass will be filled in by next year
        • Rates would be $165 for the entire pitch, grass pitch would not be much more expensive. Costs would be similar to Potvin
        • Frank: is there a patio situation?
          1. Would need to apply for a special licence for alcohol outside
        • Bad Alibi is a new sponsor who is treating us very well; this should be considered
        • Tom: still a consideration for winter for Bad Alibi
        • Working with Dragons to improve the maintenance of Potvin
        • Deadline for proposal: end of the summer
        • Earlier you make your decision, the better
        • Tom: is it an annual agreement?
          1. We would need to renew annually, or chat with Ron and get a longer term deal
    • Sponsorship: The move from Blackburn Arms to The Bad Alibi
      • We have switched our sponsor to The Bad Alibi
      • Goal is to not associate league with a sponsor anymore, hence why it will stay as BA soccer
      • The Arms was not meeting what we felt we were putting in to it as customers
      • Bad Alibi is giving a much better deal (free nachos, cheaper food)
      • Thanks to Denis for his work, alongside James, for lining up Bad Alibi and ensuring a reasonable leave from the Arms
      • Bad Alibi is happy with us so far
      • Trophies have been recovered
      • 10% of all sales go towards end of year party
      • We are good to reserve the patio
    • Questions? Corrections?
      • None
    • Motion to accept the Sept. 2021 SAGM minutes
      • Motion: Matt
      • Seconded by: Nik
      • Approved
  1. Financial update and statements (Brian Garson)
    • Indoor 2021-22 budget summary
      • Surplus of roughly $1700
      • League covered JDG Park rentals with this
      • Additional prizes have been acquired
      • Can keep a reserve of $5k, no more
      • Anything above 5k is spent back on the league
      • We also increased our donations to Gloucester Hornets and Dragons benevolent fund
    • Outdoor 2022 budget forecast
      • N/A
    • Motion to approve financial statements
      • Motion: Bodo
      • Seconded by: Dave W.
      • Approved
    • Resturcturing
      • No longer a standing committee
      • Jim says we should be good to have two financial reviews from arms length members
  1. Updates
    • Discipline (card count)
      • Only seven cards throughout all of indoor season
      • A lot more self policing now, better adherence to league behavior standards
      • Refs are very impressed and appreciate reffing the league
      • One team went cardless throughout the year
      • Restructuring:
        • Used to have standing permanent committees
        • Decided to abolish the standing committee on discipline
        • VP will now be overseeing it
        • Form letters that will be sent from the VP for discipline when needed
    • Spares management
      • See Amendment 1) Spares in the playoffs
        • Three teams have had to play without subs because there are no spares allowed
        • Spares can play throughout the season and impact the regular season standings
        • Not having subs can lead to injuries
        • Brian Garson brought this forward
        • Structure: everybody is currently ranked by tiers
          1. Idea is to replace the player at a tier below
          2. Maroun: Why not at the same tier?
            1. People complain
            2. Ratings are subjective
          3. Could be a good compromise for the playoffs
          4. James: would this be the format for only playoffs?
            1. Yes
          5. Phil: Think this is a great idea
          6. M-A: May as well just go for a like for like
          7. Nik: college students leave before playoffs, something to consider
          8. Tom: Simply agreed with like for like
          9. Spares pool is fairly deep, can make this work
        • Motion is that we allow spares in the playoffs, same format, like for like
          1. Motion: Tom
          2. Seconded: Marc-André
          3. Motion passed
      • Summer season spares motion : If a spare is available, bring them out
        • Current threshold is 13 players or more means no spares
        • Will still assign spares a game
        • Guys are not fighting for playing time, fighting for a sub
          1. Yanic: one of the teams is going to have someone drop out the day of
          2. Dave W.: Can we up it to three subs on the side?
          3. James: Concern is if you have too many subs on the sideline. Thinks we don’t have enough subs coming out, thinks two is fine
          4. Dave W.: Idea is that three subs would be available
          5. Subs are still assigned by need
          6. Phil: Comment made about bringing in a sub without an assignment, sat the whole game. Could have a floater come in.
          7. Ryan: Agrees with James, cannot be a free-for-all. Agrees it needs to be more flexible.
          8. Guys take advantage of the squad strength and depth. Doesn’t allow for weaker subs to play
          9. Maroun: Three spares should be a minimum
          10. Adam: When you didn’t have subs, quality of play decreases
          11. Jeff: Idea of bringing out people to get the magic number.
          12. Frank: bring out all the subs is only five or six
          13. Matt: needs to be realistic, number of vacancies need to be there
          14. Yanic: is it relevant? We are rarely above two spares
        • New motion: less than 14 you can request a sub (for outdoor)
        • Motion: Tom
        • Seconded by: Bodo
        • Approved
    • Website
      • We will have a new website ready for start of summer season
      • Entire operation is being switched to TeamSnap
      • Brian did a ton of negotiating and programming to figure this out
      • Programmed algorithm in TeamSnap for playoffs
      • Paying $500 a year, wordpress style
      • Brian took this on by himself
      • We will now have full throttle control over this
      • Marc-André: no brainer for TeamSnap due to compatibility with the app. Entering scores, attendance etc.
      • Phil: keeping data from BA website?
        • Yes, will be archived, Nik will transfer all to the new website.
    • Restructuring Exec and other operations
      • Needed to assign specific portfolios to members of the Exec
      • New structure allows for this, Director of positions
      • Will give a clearer picture for league members when applying for Exec positions, gives them initiative when they step into the role
      • Ray has created a timeline for who has to do what and when
      • Frank: now that we have specific roles, we can also do a better job of putting the right guys in the right boxes



  1. Elections/Recruitment
    1. Jim and Rhys are running elections
    2. President
      • Nomination: Frank (self nominated)
        • Seconded: Ray Martel
      • Approved
    3. Vice-president
      • Nomination: Denis
        • Seconded: Frank
      • Approved
    4. Treasurer
      • Nomination: Matt D’Souza
        • Seconded by Brian
      • Approved
    5. Spares coordinator (might become an Exec position, to be confirmed)
      • Move by Dave Willy
        • Seconded by Ray
        • Approved
      • Assistant Spares Coordinator
        • Move by Chris
        • Seconded by Colin
        • Approved
    6. Directorships on the Executive (portfolios to be either announced at the SAGM or determined by the newly elected Exec afterwards)
      • IT & Media:
        • Move by Brian
        • Seconded by Frank
        • Approve
      • Awards & Events
        • Move by Tom
        • Seconded by Glen
        • Approved
      • Admin / Secretariat
        • Move by Doug
        • Seconded by Rhys
        • Approved
      • Defib
        • Move by Bernie


  1. Other business
    • Special motions received by email before the SAGM
      • Included in notes above.
    • Special motions tabled at the SAGM, if majority of members present agree to consider them
      • N/A
    • See amendment 3 – keeper succession
      • Goal is to increase recruitment and retention
      • Motion is to make it free for keepers to play
      • Joe: worries that make it free without a commitment
      • Matt: Does the cost factor in to it?
      • Tom: Do we have a trial period?
      • Jim: We did have trouble in the past, recruited younger and it was fine. Younger kids have a cost barrier. Maybe they play for free a season?
      • Does not need to be finalized now
      • Something to think about for later
    • Move to do off-season training year round
      • Goal is for maintenance and community
      • Motion: Frank
      • Second: Tom
      • Approved
    • Pub culture
      • Wanting to increase culture at the pub
      • League is raffling off tickets every week to Atletico
      • Wanting to keep building on this
      • We currently have a group rate with Atletico, 20% off for a game
  1. Outgoing president’s address / New president’s address
  1. Adjournment, followed by the usual beer, banter and tomfoolery
    • Move by Ray
    • Seconded by Jim
    • Approved