Blackburn Arms Soccer League SAGM

 Sept. 22, 2018, Blackburn Arms Pub

Minutes (discussions, decisions and action items)

As recorded by Romeo Pantalone and reviewed by Ray Martel



  1. Ray Martel , President
  2. Romeo Pantalone , Vice-President / Discipline Officer
  3. Brian Garson, Treasurer
  4. Mark D’Agostino, Executive at Large/Discipline Officer
  5. Jim McKenzie, Executive at Large
  6. Bernard Pilon, Executive at Large
  7. Jared Kitcher, Finance Committee/Discipline Chief
  8. Nick Nikolov, Spares Coordinator
  9. Regular members of the BA soccer league (see the attached list and signatures)



Charity Donation Decision (All)

Discussion to continue with the BA contribution to the Gloucester Hornets’ Pat Dinardo Benevolence Fund through the 2018–2019 summer and winter seasons. $5 from each player will be contributed as per past seasons. Donation is a way to say thanks for Hornets’ help with BA field bookings in both summer and winter and for help with player registrations with OSA/EODSA. Also reflects BA’s desire to lend a hand in the greater Ottawa community.

  1. Motion to accept decision: Ray Martel
  2. Seconded: Brian Garson
  3. Decision: Carried (unanimously)


Implementation of a Spirit of the League Team Award (Askar Umarbekov)

A new award is proposed for the team with the fewest bookable infractions. A tally will be taken based on the following point system: a team receives 1 point for any yellow card and 3 points on any red card. The team with the fewest points at the end of the season wins a prize to be determined by the executive committee. A new trophy will be bought as well for the “Lady Bing” team award.

  1. Motion brought forth by Askar Umarbekov
  2. Seconded: Bill Coleman
  3. Decision: Carried (unanimously)


Fair and Friendly Play Policy Review in the BA: (All)

  1. Stressing the elimination of the shoulder to shoulder contact against players. Seemingly, some players may be going in too hard on tackles.
  2. Communication to be had with the Refs in the league to call the game more cautiously.
  3. Managerial duties include controlling on-field antics, with authority given to managers to remove any player getting out of hand, with the full backing of the BA executive. “Take 5 Attitude”


Executive Committee Authority to Sanction Repeat Offenders of the Play-Fair Policy: (ALL)

  1. The league reserves the right to punish repeat offenders under the play-fair policy in the constitution beyond the normally or regularly noted suspension time frame as aligned under FIFA rules. Judgment rulings will be used, and an ad hoc committee of Executive and Discipline Committee members will be formed to handle special cases of repeat offenders.


Early-bird Registration to the BA (All)

  1. The early registration has proved to be a very effective method of getting players to sign up early and position themselves to get onto a team.
  2. Early registration also allows time for the volunteer services of the team structuring members to directly align players on teams with the full intent of making the teams as fair as possible.

Financial Planning and Funds Allocation (All)

  1. Motion to not exceed a total bank account float of over $5,000.
  2. Potential to use excess funds to upgrade or expand uniforms (socks, bags, etc.) or for extra prizes.
  3. Steve Cock advises that the Adidas Tabela jerseys will become a discontinued product, so resources will be required to purchase new shirts in the near future if team members do not return the jerseys at the end of the year. Shirt re-use is saving the league $1000 to $2000 a year.
  4. Financial statements will be loaded to the BA Website moving forward to increase transparency.

New Executive Member / End of Terms Needing Elections (All)

  1. Marc-André Daoust was elected as an Executive member at large for a two-year term (to replace Andrew DeVries, who resigned because of his move back to B.C.).
  2. Mark D’Agostino’s term as Exec at large ends in March 2019.
  3. Romeo Pantalone’s term as VP ends in March 2019.
  4. Ray Martel’s term as president ends in March 2019 (anyone elected will start with a one-year term).
  5. Spares Coordinator – Nick Nikolov is stepping away from the position to focus on other things and we will need someone to step into the position at the March 2019 SAGM for 2019 summer.