Winter 2018 General Meeting

March 8, 2018

9:45 p.m.  Blackburn Arms Pub


  1. The meeting was opened by the President, with 17 members in attendance. Copies of the agenda, financial budgets and expenses and other relevant documents were distributed. The agenda was amended to add the annual elections.
  2. The minutes of the September 2017 GM were clarified. At that meeting there was a discussion about the level of competitive player that would be allowed to play in the league. It was decided that the executive committee and the management board would review applications on an individual basis and decide whether or not to allow the player to register. It was agreed that attitude towards fair play would be an important consideration.
  3. The President then presented his report. Highlights included:
    1. The various committees, managers and coordinators are putting significant effort into the smooth operation of the league, assignment of spares and the balancing of teams and should be commended.
    2. There was a discussion about the differences between some of the league’s indoor laws and those used by the OSA for indoor play, for example all free kicks are indirect in the OSA. It was decided that, based on the field layout and net size that the league would continue with its current laws.
    3. Managers will be asked to remind their players that, while competitive, this is a friendly league and players should conduct themselves accordingly.
    4. The use of spares is governed by specific procedures and protocol. Failure to adhere to these when using spares could result in the forfeiture of games.
    5. There will be a contest, in the near future, to name the indoor Tournament Cup.
  4. Budget and Finance
    1. The financial statements and budget projections were reviewed, as well as current accounts status. Copies are attached.
    2. Fees for the upcoming season will remain the same.
    3. A summary of the banking and transaction changes was discussed and the handover of treasurer duties to Brian Garson was proceeding as planned.
    4. There was a detailed discussion about uniform replacements, sponsorship, recycling and the impact on costs. It was noted that Steve Cock’s efforts to recycle shirts, with Dave Knibbs’ assistance, has resulted in significant cost savings and the same approach will continue at the conclusion of the indoor season. Steve was commended for his valuable contribution.
    5. There are a couple of sponsorship offers for the summer season and these are being explored. The league is looking into developing a plan to handle sponsorship changes, uniform changes and the impacts of both.
    6. A new bank account has just been established with TD Bank. It is a Community Account and efforts are being made to streamline transactions, increase visibility and promote the use of electronic payments for league business.
    7. As a result of discussions and questions, the financial statements will be updated to correct some errors regarding costs.
  5. A new draft constitution is available on the league website. A major change is having the league by-laws in a totally separate document from the Constitution. The wording has also been “de-legalized, simplified and streamlined.” There was a motion by Ray, seconded by Howard, to conditionally adopt the constitution, subject to final approval by the Executive Committee and Management Board. The motion was passed unanimously. Members have until May 1, 2018, to submit their comments and suggestions, electronically, for consideration.
  6. The Chair of the Discipline Committee reported that the indoor season has been a normal year for disciplinary actions, nothing remarkable.
  7. The Spares Coordinator stated that there were lots of spares available for the indoor season but only one spare keeper. Managers should log in every week and identify on their game sheets which players will be absent. This would greatly improve the assignment of spares.


  1. Ray Martel was nominated by Howard Weingarden, seconded by Bill Coleman, to run for President. No other nominations were received and Ray was acclaimed, but for a term of one year only, at Ray’s request.
  2. Jared Kitcher was nominated by Marc-André Daoust, seconded by Howard Weingarden, to run for Chair of the Discipline Committee. No other nominations were received and Jared was acclaimed.
  3. Mike Tourond was nominated by Mark D’Agostino, seconded by Danny Paraschivoiu, to become the fourth member of the Discipline Committee. No other nominations were received and Mike was acclaimed.
  4. Jim McKenzie, Mark D’Agostino and Howard Weingarden were all nominated by Bill Coleman and seconded by Jared Kitcher to serve as members of the Executive Committee. No other nominations were received and all three were acclaimed.
  5. A motion to adjourn was put forward by Jared Kitcher, seconded by Bill Coleman, carried unanimously; the meeting was adjourned at 11:15 p.m.