September 23, 2017 – 12:30 p.m. – Blackburn Arms Pub

  • Introductory remarks by Ray, noting that a fall general meeting was proposed and approved at the previous AGM in March 2017, as a means of increasing participation and transparency in the league. The BA now has semi-annual general meetings (mid-September and early March).
  • Minimum age officially dropped to 23 from 25: There was some confusion at the AGM in March 2017 about whether the league had officially lowered its minimum age from 25 to 23 and, if so, whether this was temporary or permanent. The assembly in March asked that the issue be revisited at the new summer general meeting.

Howard Weingarden specified that the age had been dropped to 23 by executive order in 2016 (an action allowed by the Constitution), but not voted on officially by a full assembly. Ray therefore suggested that, if there were no objections, we officially adopt the new minimum age of 23 as it will help with recruitment and all new players go through a vetting process anyway.

A motion to that effect and to amend the Constitution accordingly was moved by Jared Kitcher, seconded by Boris Bogatirev and carried unanimously.

  • Ray presented the President’s Report. Highlights were:
    • Spares were in short supply and high demand this outdoor season.
    • Potvin fields have generally been well maintained and in good shape.
    • The AGM in March called for a re-writing of the Constitution, with separate by-laws; Ray hopes to have a draft ready for the March 2018 General Meeting.
    • Changes and additions to the BA Executive:
      • Andrew Devries, Bernie Pilon and Brian Garson added; now eight members.
      • Brian Garson has agreed to transition into the treasurer’s position, to replace Howard in 2018.
      • Exec has created a Finance Committee, after a suggestion by Jared Kitcher, to help with oversight, transactions and transparency; members as of Sept. 2017 are Howard Weingarden, Brian Garson, Jared Kitcher and Jim McKenzie.
      • Romeo Pantalone has accepted the new position of equipment coordinator for the league; managers were instructed to hand in their team kits to him at the end of the outdoor season.
  • A game ball for each team kit: A motion was moved by Lambert Broeren, seconded by Doug Spencer and carried unanimously that the league buy new game balls so that all six summer team kits have one included.
  • A motion that nominations for executive positions be either one or two years at the discretion of the new member was put forward by Ray Martel, seconded by Jared Kitcher, and carried unanimously. This will facilitate operations by staggering exec turnover and ensuring continuity.
  • Ray turned the floor over to Howard Weingarden, Treasurer, Official Photographer and Water Boy, to present the Financial Statement, Year Ending March 31, 2017. Discussion and highlights were:
    • Last summer season was painful financially. Revenue was down and expenses were up resulting in and $800 deficit
    • This year, to date, the league has a $9,000 cash surplus (float).
    • Some discussion followed as to the possibility of using this to reduce registration fees, but it was noted that the surplus or float is needed to maintain a significant cash flow when expenses have to be paid prior to all revenues being received, for example rental installments on the dome and uniform costs before registrations are paid in full by everyone.
    • 2016-17 financial statement to be voted on officially in March 2018: Since it was not the league’s year-end yet (Oct. 31), the financial statement could not be officially tabled and voted on. This will be done at the March GM.
    • The statements will be posted on the website in the meantime.
  • Jared Kitcher, as Head of the Disciplinary Committee, noted that there were no major issues, and the number of disciplinary actions was about average this year.
  • Uniform update: Steve Cock gave a presentation on the uniform situation and noted that having players return their jerseys has reduced the cost of buying complete sets of jerseys every year. He stated that each year, as more jerseys are returned, the situation improves and costs go down.
  • There was a general discussion on what OCSL level of player was allowed to play in the BA, as it seemed unclear in the Constitution what the cut-off was for players in current competitive-level leagues.

Howard Weingarden quoted from the current Constitution, which says OCSL Men’s Premier and C1 players are not accepted in the BA. After some discussion, It was mentioned that there was no need to change the constitution since the issue could be dealt with by executive order or special meeting. It was moved by Howard, seconded by Phil Lefebvre, and carried unanimously, that this process be used to deal with the situation should it arise.

The meeting was adjourned at 13:40 hrs, 23/09/2017. A self-registered participant list is attached.